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Eco-Friendly Greeting Card with rotating disc

1st December: Only 23 more days until Greeting Eve!

Alles Gute! Eco-Friendly Greeting Card with rotating disc

you can rotate the disc and see different "presents"

mechanic Greeting Cards for Greeting, German Design

the card from inside with the rotating disc

Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards with recycled envelopes

you can order dark blue recycled envelopes with the card

Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards with blue envelopes

or you may choose these envelopes

Eco-Friendly Greeting Card with rotating disc, Anke Thomas: Alles Gute!

folded card
card size: 11,3 x 16,5 cm (including wheel 11,6 cm, open card 22,9 x 16,5 cm)
offset printing 4/0
paper: Vivus 103 impact 250 g/qm, 100% recycled paper
rotating disc riveted
matching envelopes: dark blue, blue, grey, red or white
item-ID: granth012

How to order:

Please contact us. Perhaps you already write some details (how many cards? with imprinting? with envelopes?)
We will send you an offer!

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